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UFC Hall of Famer | EP 21 - Hard Work Pays Off w/Tito Ortiz

Guest: Tito Ortiz

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Instagram: @titoortiz1999 @Punishment99

Twitter: @titoortiz @Punishment99

Facebook: Tito Ortiz

Tito Ortiz is no stranger to hard work and dedication he embodies the Quad D's (Dream, Drive, Disciple and Diligence). He was not born with a gold spoon in his mouth, however he found wrestling and turned it into gold. He has a big heart and it shows with all the love he exemplifies to people that are less fortunate and also the military. He never backs down from a challenge and has set his name as one of the elites in world of MMA. He has a dynamic story and you will hear a snippet during this interview.



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