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15 Time Award Winning Filmmaker | EP 14 - What Brought My Smile Back w/ Radio Mylar

Guest: Jesse "Radio Mylar" Harley

Social Media: @OhWhatAGloriousMorning

A graduate of the CFC, Mylar is a 15-time award winning filmmaker from Halifax, Nova Scotia. After renting a shoulder-mount VHS camcorder at the age of 10, he quickly fell in love with the art of filmmaking. He has written and directed three funded short films, and in 2014, directed his first feature, 'Lure', which has won four awards. He has a soft spot for character-driven suspense thrillers, can do no-handed cartwheels and backfips, and loves a good ghost story.



Instagram: Thesuccessjourneyshow

Facebook: Thesuccessjourneyshow

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