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A Great Black Educator of our time EP 13 - The Blacker the Science w/ Dr. Luther Palmer

Guest: Dr. Luther Palmer

Social Media: @theblackerthescience

Dr. Palmer earned his Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees in Electrical Engineering from Oakwood University and The Ohio State University. He is currently a professor and runs a research laboratory at Wright State University pursuing biologically-inspired mobile robots and algorithms. Specifically, Dr. Palmer seeks to increase the utility of legged systems for use in planetary exploration, time critical search and rescue, and military reconnaissance.

Lately, Dr. Palmer has also been interested in trying to preach the power of scientific inquiry into communities which are underrepresented in science and engineering fields, as well as inspiring his students to think about the social ramifications of the jobs they accept and the projects they work on.



Instagram: Thesuccessjourneyshow

Facebook: Thesuccessjourneyshow

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