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Creator of Morrisgrowthcon | EP 24 - Test Your Parachute w/ James Jacobi

Guest: James Jacobi

Social Media:

Instagram: @realjamesjacobi

Twitter: @jamesjacobi

Facebook: James Jacobi

Event: Monday, April 15th 2019, 8am-5pm plus 5:30pm VIP experience County College of Morris - Randolph, NJ.

James Jacobi is the Founder and President of Jacobi Enterprises LLC and Magic Moment Fund (a 501c3 non profit charity). He is the author of the bestselling book Radical Integrity: 7 Breakthrough Strategies on Transforming Your Business, Sales and Life.

As a business strategist and executive advisor, James helps small business owners command maximum fees with their product or service by upscaling their sales strategy and positioning a higher value product/service. Clients come to him who either want to enhance their salesforce and close more sales from qualified leads, implement an accelerated growth model, or have us manage their leads and close business for them, creating a scaling revenue share partnership.

James has spent the last 10 years in corporate working with small business to Fortune 100 firms. James has held senior business development and operational leadership roles while being the top producer amidst 300+ producers. He knows how to help scale a small business to one of the largest companies in industry. He understands the challenges middle management faces to run highly effective teams.

From his book Radical Integrity; he knows the mental strategies to sustain high performing outcomes, elite strategies to disrupt markets and scale businesses quickly, create high performing teams without turnover, and how to carry those same strategies into having a happy home life. He specializes in helping entrepreneurs and leaders be equipped on their hero’s journey so they can be impactful in business and home life. He lives in Randolph, New Jersey with his wife Lindsay, and three children Grant, Willa and George.



Instagram: @successjourneyshow

Facebook: Thesuccessjourneyshow

Twitter: @success_show

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