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EP 82 - Love Never Fails w/Dr. Adrianne & Dr. Ovett Wilson

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Guest: Dr. Adrianne and Dr. Ovett Wilson

Dr. Adrianne Wilson holds a B.S. in secondary social science education, a M.Ed. in educational leadership, and an Ed.D in educational leadership from the University of South Florida. With over 16 years in education at the K-12 and college levels, Dr. Wilson is currently a Professor and Coordinator of the newly developed Master's in Educational Leadership program at The University of Tampa in Tampa, FL. As an academic researcher, Dr. Wilson's research platform includes the development of multiple disposition assessments for undergraduate teacher prep programs, educational leadership programs, and online learning environments. Her established research has landed a solid contracted partnership with Watermark, which has resulted in the adoption of her assessment tool in hundreds of institutions of higher education throughout the United States and US territories. In addition to her assessment work, Dr. Wilson is also an independent consultant where she provides diversity and inclusion training for local K-12 schools. Lastly, Dr. Wilson serves as co-owner and consultant for R.E.F.O.R.M.

Ovett Wilson, founder and CEO of R.E.F.O.R.M., is an expert in the field of education. His experience includes classroom teaching, mentoring, life coach, assistant principal, principal, professional development trainer, motivational speaker and university instructor. Mr. Wilson is currently a principal in Tampa, Florida. With over 16 years of leadership experience in PK-12 education, Mr. Wilson has spent countless hours studying and applying effective practices to enhance performance and achievement. Mr. Wilson has a passion for high-needs student populations and has a sense of urgency to bridge the expectation and achievement gap. Mr. Wilson was inspired to establish R.E.F.O.R.M. due to his strong desire to raise the bar in achievement, performance and quality leadership. R.E.F.O.R.M. is a dynamic training that will shift your perspective in a manner that will motivate you to raise your expectations in order to advance student achievement.



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