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Founder of Zipkick | EP 16 - 10x's Fall 10x's Rise w/ Jason Will

Guest: Jason Will

Social Media: @jasonbwill

Jason has over 8 years of global software deployment experience and a portion of that was spent as a traveling consultant where he booked hundreds of flights and hotels. His curiosity for bettering the traveler experience lead to the birth of Zipkick, a travel search and booking site aimed to reduce the amount of time you spend by 99%. Simply by understanding your preferences, social demographics and purchase history, Zipkick can then display only the most relevant results on an individual basis. Jason oversees the strategic growth both organizationally and with respect to user acquisition. He also ensures that Zipkick's core values align with the long term company vision.



Instagram: Thesuccessjourneyshow

Facebook: Thesuccessjourneyshow

Twitter: @success_show

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