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Nurse Practitioner | EP 18 - Want Something Different? Do Something Different! w/ Kenesia Genas

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Guest: Kenesia Genas

Social Media: Kenesia Byfield-Genas

Kenesia was born and raised in the sunny island of Jamaica where her parents instilled in her that education is a necessity. Kenesia completed her bachelor's in education and moved to the United States to be with her fiancé. She completed her fellowship an NYU with a masters in education and taught in the Bronx. After purchasing a home in upstate New York her family fell on some hard times and their home went in to foreclosure. The family relocated to Atlanta GA and life was a struggle at first. Kenesia's home was robbed which prompted them to move to a better neighborhood. life was looking great and one day her husband announced that he quit his job. Kenesia's world came to a screeching holt one Saturday night while her parents were visiting from England. While on their way to an event, she stopped to help someone that had an accident. While Kenesia and her mother was helping a car ran them over sending both of them to the hospital. Multiple surgeries and over $700,000 dollars later, Kenesia is still going. Kenesia has fought to become a nurse practitioner and always possessing a positive mental attitude. Her story has just begun and the sky is the limit!!



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