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Professional Bodybuilder | EP 8 - Driven By Passion w/ Damion Ricketts

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Guest: Damion Ricketts - Professional Bodybuilder

Social Media @teamshredztraining @ifbbpro_damionricketts

Born in Jamaica and raised by his grandmother on a country farm Damion understood hard work at a early age. Damion moved to Pennsylvania at age 13, he joined the Marine Corps after high school. He challenged himself while he was deployed in Iraq and with his drive and disciple he won two professional competition in 2013. Damion won two professional shows in 2017 and qualified for the 2017 Olympia. Faced with adversity he did not qualify for the Olympia in 2018, Damion refocused and qualified for the 2019 Olympia.

Instagram: Successjourneyshow

Facebook: Successjourneyshow 

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