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THE BLACK SUPERMAN | EP 41 - Just A Warm Up w/ Irvin Felix John

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

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Guest: Irving Felix John

Social Media: @Tfj_CEO & @BusinessBodyElite

Irvin John wears many hats and a few of them are as follows! He is the CEO & founder of Business Body Elite which is a company that specializes in developing wellness programs for organizations and their employees. He is a professional calisthenics athlete, fitness coach, YouTuber, and influencer among other things! Above all his goal is to help improve the lives of everyone he’s fortunate to come in contact with. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts but raised on the island of Guam in Micronesia and found a passion for fitness early on in life, from martial arts to diving, finding creative ways to get fit became an obsession. He has traveled the globe teaching others how to achieve exceptional levels of fitness with the use of their body weight. He’s an advocate for wholistic wellness and believes in order to truly experience ultimate wellness, the focus must go beyond solely physical fitness.



Facebook: @successjourneyshow

Instagram: @successjourneyshow

Twitter: @success_show

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