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5 Star Phenom | EP -39 Ask For Special Help w/ Brian Keith

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Guest: Brian Keith

Social Media: @Briankeith360

Brian Keith is a 5 Star Phenom and a Solopreneur Expert, having the distinction of amassing several hundred 5 star reviews, for his personal and business brands. A veteran customer service practitioner with 30 years of firsthand knowledge, ranging from hospitals to hospitality, from restaurants to retail and from executive transportation to entrepreneurship.

He is uniquely qualified to inform, educate and consult customer service practitioners on providing 5 Star experiences. A customer experience expert, customer strategy expert, change agent, service enthusiast, consumer advocate, thought leader, customer experience interventionist with experience in multiple retail environments and product categories.

Brian Keith has a unique customer service voice based on experiences beyond the hypothetical or philosophical. Serving is his passion and creating the best customer experiences require strategies balanced between the innovative and the proven.

Brian Keith is available for keynote speaking, seminars, one on one coaching, webinars, workshops and masterclasses for solopreneurs, small businesses and larger corporate settings. The mission is to move average companies to good, good companies to great and great companies to phenomenal.



Facebook: @successjourneyshow

Instagram: @successjourneyshow

Twitter: @success_show

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