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African in China | EP 20 - Banking on Me! w/ Jaleel Hu

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Guest: Jaleel Hu

Social Media: Instagram: jaleelhushanghai linkedin: Jaleel Hu El Facebook: Jaleel Hu El wechat: chao8ren Youtube: seschinatv, hujohn000, or jaleelhuel

Jaleel-Hu El, an autocthon American, grew up in various parts of the country. He went to high school at Wallingford, Pennsylvania territory, attended Case Western Reserve University at Cleveland, Ohio territory, and domiciled at Santa Monica territory just before relocating to Shanghai territory at China corporation where he has domiciled for the last 7 years. Jaleel-Hu El can fluently speak Mandarin which helps him navigate at business. Jaleel-Hu El is the CEO of the parent company, SES China TV, that operates several affiliate businesses including AFSI (American Fashion Show International), Black X (a business community Chamber of Commerce platform) and SES model Agency. As the Founder and CEO of Black X, Jaleel-Hu El shows the citizens and visitors of China corporation what life is like as an Moorish American National at China. Jaleel-Hu El has successfully created multiple platforms all throughout China especially in the fashion industry. He has produced 4 major fashion shows: Shanghai Black Fashion Week (2017), Afrasia (2018), AFSI Hanghzhou (2018) and AFSI Guangzhou (2018). Jaleel-Hu El is currently preparing for another fashion show at Shanghai (2019). SES China showcases special projects that features American styles activities such as American sports, fashion and entertainment. We demonstrate to our Chinese audience what it's like to be a American at China.



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