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Entrepreneur | EP 34 - Never Give Up w/ Rodell Razor

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

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Guest: Rodell Razor

Social Media: @RodellRazor

If you’ve never felt like quitting, your dreams just arent big enough” ~ R. Razor

Making dreams become a reality has been the mission Rodell Razor has been on since he came into the world back on a chilly 39-degree day in Anchorage, AK. That cold, arctic January morning back in 1987 would forever change the dynamic of Rodell’s significant journey through life.

The first-born child to Jovan & Natalie Razor, Rodell always shown that his talents would be what propelled him into greatness. Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, Natalie instantly became a single mother raising 5 beautiful children on her own. Even though Ms. Razor made sure she kept her children happy through the tough times, Rodell’s youth was riddled with watching his mother work 2 and sometimes 3 jobs to try to make ends meet for their bare necessities. This not only sparked his desire to be a provider, but it gave life to Rodell’s passion for wanting to help his mother in any way he could.

As a child, Rodell’s dream was to play professional football. He knew that a salary from the NFL would skyrocket his family’s status from being restricted to poverty to wealthy overnight. All he had to do was remain focused. His work ethic on the field at Federal Way High School, in Federal Way, WA proved that he not only had what it took, but he could lead a team to victory.

With his football achievements in one hand and his average academic achievements in the other, Rodell was accepted to Eastern Oregon University. His college career not only yielded an MBA in Business, but it afforded him the opportunity to exercise his networking abilities and forge valuable friendships with people who are now considered to be a part of his family.

After his college career, he tried out for the NFL, only to get denied. But Rodell’s tenacity & vigor for accomplishing his professional football career was not denied. He took his impeccable talents to the Indoor Professional League where he played for a year, being ranked amongst the top athletes in the country and awarded rookie of the year. Unfortunately, he got injured, yet fortunately Rodell’s life was getting ready to take a turn he could have only imagined.

He was offered an opportunity to work at a car lot where his early mentors, Joe Cruz and David Elder, helped Rodell cultivate his passion for sales. Ultimately, his passion for helping people grew stronger due to his daily interaction with customers. His knack for sales was quickly noticed by leadership and Mr. Razor became the youngest salesmen of that organization to spearhead the opening of another dealership.

With Rodell’s applicable inspiration and strategic business methods, his determination led him straight to his destiny. A destiny that has allowed him to share stages with Best Selling author John Gordon, NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes, & World-Renowned Motivational Speaker Inky Johnson across the country before thousands of people. A destiny that gives Rodell the honor to help entrepreneurs throughout the world realize that their dreams can and will become a reality by never giving up. He passes his spirit of optimism to everyone he meets, especially the inner-city youth that he spends time mentoring. His leadership has set a goal to help 1,000 entrepreneurs by 2020 get their messages out to the world.

On any given day, you can catch Rodell spending time with his beautiful wife and his 3 amazing sons, reading his bible and an inspirational novel, working out, eating sushi, and working with his companies Social Magnet, X-Factor Consulting, AdvoCare, Ford Sports Performance, and The Arizona Cactus Football League.

With his mind, body, & soul Mr. Razor’s journey from that cold day he was born in Alaska until today, stands as a beacon of light, warming and inspiring the hearts and minds of everyone he touches.



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