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EP 80 - Leading by Serving w/ Dr Vanessa Gattis

Guest: Dr. Vanessa M. Gattis

Facebook: @PWCCFoundation

VANESSA M. GATTIS, PH.D., has served as president and chief executive officer of the Prince William County Community Foundation, Inc. since February 2018, when she also founded the non-profit.

Vanessa has more than 30 years of leadership and operational experience, including 30+ years as a retired senior officer in the United States Army. She also serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Washington, D.C. campus where she teaches Ethics and Professional Development, Psychological, Socio-Cultural, and Political Dimensions of Organizations, and The Psychology of Decision Making in a Global Environment. She also serves as a dissertation chair and content expert for doctoral students.

She has extensive experience in organization and development, having spent over 15 years in senior-level operations roles with the U.S. Army. As a senior Investigator in the U.S. Army Inspectors General Agency, she investigated alleged improprieties by senior officers and civilians. As a Division Chief for the Inspections Division, she ensured statutory and regulatory guidance and compliance of units and programs throughout the U.S. Army. She also prepared written senior executive level documents and recommendations for improvement to systems, policies, and programs for the Secretary of the Army’s review, approval and/or consideration.

Facebook: @successjourneyshow

Instagram: @successjouenryshow

Twitter: @success_show

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