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EP-92 Lifestyle Legacy w/ Jeremy Stennett

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Guest: Jeremy Stennett

I am the founding partner at The Lifestyle Agency® This firm was started in 2005 but I have been entrepreneurial since the age of 12. Like many young future moguls, I started with shoveling snow for the neighborhood and delivering newspapers. When I saw that the tips in my neighborhood was not what I desired, I negotiated with the other paperboy to let me handle his route and I will give him a percentage. That way I got his tips. Soon after, the paper delivery manager learned about me and offered my two more zones. With this move I tripled my earnings. By time I got to the age of 14, I started my video business. I mostly did wedding videos from my church. But I was banking $500 per video by my second year from $250 in the first. This began a journey into media, radio, tv and entertainment. I grew up promoting parties and community events. I learn the promotion game pretty quickly while in middle school producing the morning TV announcements...Shout out to Mr Cohen and Miressi. Teachers are an important part of every young persons life! By time I graduated from college, I was a partner in a gospel record label and was helping recording artists chase and accomplish dreams they never thought would get off the ground. I worked with national recording artists to produce concerts with audiences upwards of 20,000 in arenas throughout the northeast.

Today, I run a multifaceted, multicultural advertising agency that you know know as The Lifestyle Agency®. I also am also a managing director of an advising firm that helps small business clients and new money individuals raise funding and creating wealth. I am an advocate for my people, not just Jamaican and Caribbean family, but those of the cultural diaspora. I have been recognized for my work over the years since a child to an adult with awards like the MLK award for community Service and most recently, The Caribbean Impact Awards. I appreciated recognition and Citations from the Brooklyn Borough President and so much more to share but don't want to keep typing...I included my LinkedIn below.

FaceBook: @successjourneyshow

Instagram: @successjourneyshow

Twitter: Success_show

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