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Founder/CEO Of PG Sports | EP 27 - Living My Best Life w/ Paul Guarino

Updated: May 2, 2019

Guest: Paul Guarino

Social Media: @PGSports

I started PG Sports in 2011 as a sophomore at Sacred Heart Unversity. PG Sports at first was just a twitter page, I tweeted about sports instead of my personal page. Then it quickly evolved into a clothing & media brand and I've gotten over 200 professional athletes in all of the major leagues to wear PG Sports gear. I've got big name players such as Didi Gregarious, Brandon Phillips, Brook Lopez, Trent Williams, Vontaze Burfict, Chris Kreider, DeAngelo Williams, Chad Dawson, ect. Check out my story if you get a chance

I also started a segment of my blog #WeBlogWednesdays every Wednesday we will have a unique sports related article, story, or interview. It's real content from real athletes. Open letters, articles, videos, all exclusive to PG Sports. A story about you and your journey would be dope. Whether it's Royce White's open letter to the NBA or Gary Sheffield Jr on what it was like to grow up with his dad being a star baseball player or a Q & A interview with Ms. Wagner from Netflix hit show Last Chance U or Army Vet and Clemson walk out Daniel Rodriguez talking about his national signing day. Even a story how I was a substitute teacher and made a student athlete a soccer highlight tape and he got multiple D1 offers off the video!



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