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Personal Development Coach | EP 29 - Never Stop Climbing w/ Kendall Ficklin

Guest: Kendall Ficklin

Social Media: @KendallFicklin

Kendall Ficklin is an author, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur who’s felt every bump and bruise on his journey. A journey that has been built on sacrifice, consistency, and commitment. Sacrifices such as sleeping in airports when he couldn’t afford a hotel while on the road building his business. Consistency like never giving up even when he didn’t know what was next, and commitment like leaving his 9-5 and doing anything he needed in order to never go back to a life that he knew he wasn’t made for. Kendall originally started coaching and speaking behind his barber chair. Offering advice to his clients and staff. He knew he had the work ethic and the gift but he was missing one key ingredient and that was a coach. Getting a coach is what allowed him to become committed in ways that he was never committed before. The commitment has paid off. Since the barber chair Kendall has led and facilitated professional development and training sessions with major corporations such as: the NFL, Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills, Delta, Home Depot, WNBA, Arby’s, Honey Baked Ham, Carrabba's Italian Grill and PepsiCo. He’s also founded his own coaching community where he is now coaching people and helping them to their greatness, as he has the opportunity to walk side by side with the #1 motivational speaker in the world, Dr. Eric Thomas AKA ET The Hip-Hop Preacher.



Instagram: @successjourneyshow

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